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Hi Yogis-
Now more than ever, it is essential that we make time to breathe, move and connect with each other.  In times of great stress and uncertainty it can be very easy to allow our bodies stress response to overwhelm us.

It takes considerable, conscious effort to do what needs to be done to counter all the effects of accumulated and acute stress.  But here is the thing – if we don’t manage our stress it will effect our health, our ability to think clearly and even our ability to invent creative, positive solutions to the problems we are facing.  The effect of stress on our health is clear, but did you know that when our body is in a strong stress response it is also very difficult to access the part of the brain that allows us to have creative problem solving, compassion and connection?

If we don’t have our health, clarity, sense of connection and compassion intact, it will be very hard to be the beacons of light that are needed in our world.  Tomorrow marks the celebrations of Imbolc, a day that celebrates the Goddess Brigid, and the Feast day for St. Brigit (her Christian counterpart).  This fiery being is a fierce peace keeper.


Today is a potent time to investigate what you are doing to bring more harmony. peace and love to the planet.  This may be raising your children with mindfulness, it many be calling your representatives every day, it many be in your work life – maybe all three!  Whatever you are doing, please add a strong commitment to carve time out to release your own stress.  So you can stay healthy and fully resourced for all that you do.

Three very powerful ways of managing stress are:  deep breathing, whole body movement, and mindfulness.  Sound familiar?  Your time on the mat is training you to stand strong in these times.  To be a fiery peace maker in your way.  So, now more than ever, take a little time to breathe deep, move and connect in the present.

Blessings for all you do,
Keep breathing,

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