My coaching sessions are aimed at helping you find small do-able changes that can help bring more ease, harmony and joy into your family life. When I work with parents I bring my years of working with parents and children as a Montessori Early Childhood teacher, the incredible training I’ve gotten through Simplicity Parenting and of course the best training of all – my work as a parent.

We will work together to help address any areas of concern you may have for your child or children, and we’ll work together to cultivate a family life that is in line with your values and hopes. These sessions are great for new and seasoned parents alike. I also work with other childcare providers – grandparents, nannies, anyone who works with children.

You may be interested in a coaching session if:

  • you would like guidance setting up your home for your young child. I can help you create an environment that promotes curiosity, independence and cooperation while also minimizing conflict and parental exhaustion.
  • you would like support as you work to simplify your environment, schedule, rhythm and/or ability to filter out for your children.
  • you want simple ways to support your child’s well being, intelligence and happiness.
  • you would like to learn simple, smart shifts that are proven to help decrease conflict and increase ease and connection.
  • you are simply interested in learning more easeful and effective ways of lining up with your desires for your family.

Contact me directly in you are interested in some individualized coaching!