I Finally Have A Firm Foundation

Thanks to Olynda, I finally feel like I know how to hold my body correctly. I've had neck, back, hip, and knee issues in the past.  I've always felt like my joints are a bit loosey-goosey.  (My physical therapist says I'm technically hyper-mobile, but I prefer loosey-goosey.)Even after months of physical therapy, I never felt confident in my knee alignment or posture. After taking several of Olynda's classes, I finally have a firm foundation. Thanks to her expert (and oh-so-gracious) guidance, I know how to hold my body correctly, and, as a result, I feel confident while going about my day tasks and while exercising.

-Allison Schlobohm, Durham, NC

Warm and wise

Olynda is a master yoga instructor who teaches with a level of consciousness that's unusually warm and wise. She also has the ability to challenge you to go beyond your felt limit--without you realizing you've surpassed what you thought you could do, while making you laugh.


Miriam Schuman

A wonderful introduction to the practice.

Although I have learned so much through books in my life, sometimes you just need the human teacher/guide! I'm glad that I got to chat with you before we moved so that I could continue to pursue this new path with enthusiasm and dedication. You offered a wonderful introduction to the practice.

Laura Longo

It became apparent in the first five minutes that Olynda was the real thing.

I first met Olynda as a surprise sub for my regular Sunday morning class. Subbing for a group that’s been together for a long time (like 8 years) can be daunting, but it became apparent in the first five minutes that Olynda was the real thing. She subsequently went on to lead our office yoga program for more than two years, and saw our group through the darkest days of the recession. Throughout, she built a genuine rapport with a very diverse and idiosyncratic group of practitioners and was extremely flexible around scheduling and payment. Hawaii’s gain is New York’s loss!

Max Dietshe

Olynda is a great instructor!!!

Olynda is a great instructor!!!! She has a calm, confident and encouraging manner that helped me learn the moves and positions (and I am real beginner and do not have very good balance!) Others in our class were more advanced and she was able to talk to each of us at or own levels. More importantly she helped me understand and embrace yoga philosophy of how the mind-body-spirit are connected — and that is what helped me extend my yoga practice to other parts of my day and life.

Ed Lanigan

Fun and relaxing.

I’d never done yoga before taking Olynda’s class, but her approach makes it easy for someone like me to pick up the motions and reasoning behind each of the positions. Her encouragement and down to earth nature made the classes both fun and relaxing, regardless of whether I could do all the poses correctly the first time.

Tim Woodall

...melted away the stresses of each week.

I have enjoyed Olynda's classes at my office for a year and a half. She uses a soothing voice, and storytelling approach to explain the yoga philosophy and positions in a very understandable way. Her ability to relate yoga teachings to the management of everyday situations is also useful. I will miss having Olynda’s classes--they effectively melted away the stresses of each week.

Judy Sanford

I am doing more with my arm now than I have done in the past 3 years!

About 3 years ago I had an adverse reaction to the flu vaccine. My entire left arm swelled and I was left with pain and very limited mobility. I began a process of ultra-sound guided injections, physical therapy, and steroids to help with the bursitis and tendonitis that had developed in my bicep and deltoid muscles. I had to cut out much of my exercise routines due to the pain and it was only about a year ago that I started doing yoga again. However, the key word is that I was doing the yoga, I wasn't experiencing it. Out of fear of the injury and pain, I limited myself. During the 2011 Karma week though, I found Olynda's Anusara course and have found my yoga experience. Making this a weekly practice and leading with my heart has opened up my body and mind to what is possible with my arm.

I am doing more with my arm now than I have done in the past 3 years! At a doctor's appointment last week, no pain medication or therapy was prescribed, because I am finding that the Anusara is leading me on my path of healing.

Katie Phelps