Yoga for Parents

As parents that we serve our children best when we are at our best: present, patient, conscious, compassionate and clear.  When we can stay connected to our own hearts, even in the midst of challenges, things go much more smoothly for us and for our kids. That inner connection increases our ability to connect with our children and increases their ability to thrive.  And that is a tall order! In the midst of the stresses of our lives, how can we support our own ability to be at our best more of the time?  The ancient path of yoga is a support to all people who want to dwell in their highest potential.  On the mat we not only cultivate health, we also give ourselves the skills and support to embody patience, calm, compassion and more.  This ripples out to everyone we interact with – especially for our kids. These workshops are designed to be a little sacred pause for parents, a time to come back home to center.  They are also meant to give you everyday skills to support you, as you do the impossibly hard work of parenting.  Olynda brings her experience as a Montessori teacher and parent to help illuminate the importance of this inner work and to help you bridge the gap from mat to home.  Each workshop is intended as a compete experience addressing a different parenting theme.  Each class will include a shot talk to contextualize the class and a full all-levels yoga class to experience the work. You can treat yourself to all three (and get a slight discount), or come to whichever fits your schedule best.   These workshops are aimed toward parents, and are also very appropriate for caretakers and teachers of kids of any age.

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