You Have Time For This.


A few weeks ago I found myself, mouth wide open, trying to be patient while the sweet dental hygienist cleaned my teeth.  I was focusing on my breathing and being as yogic as I could.  Then it happened, I heard this thought, “I don’t have time for this!” There it was.  Dental cleaning isn’t exactly what I think of when I think of self-care. But, it is pretty necessary for healthy teeth.  And here I was, deciding I didn’t have time to do something that was necessary for my health!

I realized that so often that voice pops up when I would love to sit and slowly drink a cup of tea.  It comes up sometimes (gasp) when my daughter wants to pretend we are going on a voyage to return the heart of Te Fiti. I realized that I am in fact rushing through a lot of my own self – care so that I can get on to more “important” things.

Self-Care Matters

We know this.  I don’t need to find fancy studies to show you how much better EVERYTHING is when we take care of ourselves.  I have time for teeth cleanings, because I don’t have time for major dental work if I can avoid it.  I have time to play with my daughter because I don’t have time to regret being to busy to enjoy her.  I have time to do my practice, because I don’t have time to be frazzled, distracted and in pain.

But I know I need help.  We all do.  If we aren’t doing a self -care practice on purpose, it is unlikely to just happen.

May Self-Care Challenge

For this Mother’s day Month I want to double down on self-care, and I hope you’ll join me.  Here is what we are going to do:

1) Make a list of things that are truly nourishing to you – walks in the woods, tea with friends, doodling, dancing, singing, getting sleep… etc.

2) Make time to do at least one of these things EVERY DAY for the rest of May.  I plan to start on the 7th of May.  That gives us time to plan all that pampering in.  Also, it still gives us long enough to really get a good habit started!  If something each day is too radical (at the moment) for you, try every other day. You set your own goal! These don’t have to be long moments. A ten minute meditation will do just fine.  Yes, your yoga practice counts! These just need to be moments that are all for you.  Moments that are pure pleasure and nourishment.

3) Inspire us all, and hold yourself accountable by posting what you did that day on my FB page.  I’ll post for that day and you can post your self-care goodness in the comments for that day 🙂

4) Have FUN, and notice what all that self-care is amounting to!


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