Devi Hour (Women’s Yoga class!)

5:30-7PM First Saturday of the Month @ Thousand Petals Yoga

TPY is @ 431 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 In the courtyard across from Franklin Street Yoga!

This 90 min. class is a celebration, exploration and invitation all in one.  We’ll gather in a safe welcoming space to practice yoga and to cultivate community and total wellness together. Devi means “goddess” in Sanskrit. Each month we will have a special yoga practice followed by a community event. Every class will be an invitation for growing into a practice that is truly honoring and supportive to the full spectrum of the Feminine experience.  We’ll work with a specific theme each month – pulling from myth, historical women, yogic philosophy, poetry or inspiring women writers. Anyone who identifies as a woman (even older girls) welcome! Come just for the class, or stay for the “girl party” that will happen after.

$20 *** Starts September 2019 ***

After class activities = September: eat out near-by together, October: pot-luck, November: clothing exchange, December: craft circle.

Thanks to Fifty two Hundred Photo for the Photos on this page!!!