Awaken Inner Wisdom

September 30th, 2017       9am-4pm*

@Sfeer Studios, 200 Britton Dr., Chapel Hill, NC

Saraswati is the Goddess of wisdom, creativity, inspiration and new beginnings.   She is eloquence, insight and music.  She is the supreme geek.  In this day long retreat we’ll be invoking her archetypal energy to help us connect to the highest expression of wisdom, insight and creativity in our own beings.  We’ll especially be tuning in to our inner-guidance and to the energizing force of insight and inspiration.  In the morning we’ll gather and explore Saraswati through myth and our yoga practice.  In the afternoon we’ll continue with our yogic work and also learn how to use journaling to awaken our own Sarasawti Shakti (energy).

We’ll gather at the sweet and healing oasis of Collective Wellness** in Durham. Our yoga practice will be suitable for all levels.  It will include active poses, restoratives, breath work and chanting. We’ll have time for reflection, connection and nourishment during our pot luck lunch.  Dawn Reno Langley, author of The Writer’s Hand Journals and the new novel The Mourning Parade, will be gracing us with an exploration of journaling as a meditative female journey in the afternoon. Her bio is below! She’ll talk about the different types of journals, the ways journals can open up the female spirit, and will guide use through some unique responses to the goddess within. She’s actually created a very special “Divine Feminine” journal just for us!

This is a perfect way to recharge, gain perspective and some new tools to help awaken the Devi within you.

75$ for the full day, $40 for the half    email to register

*Half day options are available 9-12 or 1:30-4 as space allows!

Dawn Reno Langley, author of dozens of books, received her MFA in Fiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts and her PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities from The Union Institute and University.  For both degrees, she studied the public and private voices of authors, their published work as well as their journals.  She is the author/editor of a series of journals designed for both writers and readers called The Writer’s Hand Journals.  An avid practioner of yoga, she is also a Buddhist, lives in Durham and is most proud of being a mother and grandmother.  You can find her at her websites: and




*** Collective Wellness can be hard to find. Google maps can lead you astray. Unless you google just the name Collective Wellness, which I suggest you do and check it out before you come!  What you need to know is this: Collective Wellness is on the access road just a few doors down from Sitar Indian restaurant.  You’ll find the building that Collective Wellness is in just past the Gerber Collision center. Then you can find Suite A203. Call them if you are lost! There will be someone womaning the phones 🙂 (919) 251-8437