Nourish Yourself and Restore Balance!

February 9th, 2019  9am – 4pm

Sfeer Studios ~ 200 Britton Dr. Chapel Hill, NC

Our retreat will be a full day of yoga practice, connection, learning, healing, rest and nourishment.   In the morning we will work a specific sequence and type of alignment that helps calm the nervous system.  Through activating the parasympathetic nervous system we’ll open up to rest, restoration and receiving nourishment from our self-care practices. Many options will be given while we practice on the mat, so students of all levels can get what they need from the physical practice.

In the afternoon we will have the luxury of a deeply restorative practice with Danielle Koppel (See bio below!).  Yes, she will bring her harmonium and grace us with her beautiful voice while we soak up the goodness from each restorative pose.  Danielle and I will also offer a hands on exploration of some self-care practices – from the East and West – that can help us continue this deep rest and balancing work long after our dreamy day together.

You can expect:

  • Time to arrive and settle into this beautiful venue with a cup of tea on us.
  • A short opening circle to help us come together as a group, focus our intentions and create safe and sacred space for our day.
  • An introductory talk weaving ancient myth, goddess archetypes and yoga philosophy and practice to help us orient to our practice for the day.
  • A 90 – 120 minute all levels yoga class.
  • 90 minutes to luxuriously savor our pot luck lunch and walk the grounds, rest, journal, pick a goddess card, visit and do whatever you need
  • An afternoon of restorative yoga and learning self-care techniques you can take home and put immediately to use!
  • Total support to do what feels right and supportive to you – it’s your day! to register

$80 for the full day / Teacher discount $65** / $40 for half day, if space allows.  9 – 12 or 1:30-4

** In an ongoing effort to support teachers and all those who work with children – I’m offering this Retreat at a discount to teachers!  As you fill your cup it positively effects your students, your class culture and the entire school community you are a part of.

* I am also open to trade, so if cost is an issue, let’s talk! *

Danielle Koppel has dedicated the majority of her life to the Arts; Performing, and Healing. She focuses her yoga practice on the cultivation of creativity, vitality, and  sound healing. Danielle was introduced to Hatha Yoga in sixth grade by her mother, and continued to study yoga, Tai Chi, music, drama, and dance throughout high school, and University. She considers herself to be a perpetual student as well as a teacher. Danielle is grateful to all of her teachers of yoga, both formal and informal. She believes there are many windows into the temple that is yoga, and that they all contribute something to the yogic experience. Her classes are noteworthy in that they incorporate chanting, guided meditation, and extended relaxation techniques in addition to traditional asana instruction.

Danielle is also a classically trained stage actor, opera singer, and Aesthetician. She also leads kirtan, a form of meditative devotional chanting.

As a healing artist, Danielle’s primary focus is Reiki, a gratitude-based meditation that promotes stress reduction and healing. She is a Reiki Master-Teacher, and provides both Reiki treatments and attunements.
Danielle is delighted for the opportunity to teach and share from all she has learned; and from all she will continue to learn. She strives to be the change she wishes to see in the world.