Montessori Home Consult

Simply put Maria Montessori was a genius.  I worked as a teacher using her profoundly beautiful method for nearly a decade. In my work as a Mom, and with other people’s children in the home environment I have drawn on her brilliant insights again and again to create ease for all members of the family and to optimize the children’s independence, confidence, intelligences, and joy. I can’t imagine these early years with my child without the support of the training I received as a teacher (both from other teachers, and from the children themselves!)

I will help you create a home environment that:olynda_alex_aria-05

 * Minimizes conflict

* Encourages your child’s independence

* Fosters confidence

* Cultivates wonder and connection

* Stimulates age-appropriate educational opportunities


* Is tailored specifically to delight, engage and comfort your unique child

How this works:  I’ll come spend an hour or so with you in your home, getting to know your family’s needs, the basic layout and budget that we have to work with.  Then I’ll come up with a specific plan about how to structure your space and more importantly how to use that space to optimize everyone’s enjoyment of the space.

Simple consult: $85   This basic consult will last approximately 90 minutes. I’ll assess your needs on the spot, giving you some options, ideas and resources to help you re-configure the rooms that get the most use with baby/young child- any play spaces, kitchen & bedroom.

Full Support (recommended): $150 This more complete consult will give us time to tailor your home environment even more keenly to your child’s unique needs.  We can also address how the space will grow in the near future as your child’s needs change.  In this full consult package I will visit your home twice.  Once to get a full assessment of your whole families needs, goals and current challenges.  This visit will be about 60 minutes. And then I will create your plan over the next few days and come back with time to really go into detail about not only how to restructure the space but how to help your child use the space.  We will have time to talk about arranging stuff, and also about how to incorporate the relevant parts of Montessori method as it benefits your family.

Deluxe: $200   This total support package includes everything in the full support package above.  And includes a 45 minute phone consult that we will schedule at least a month after our initial consult.  This will be a time that you can ask follow up questions, clear up any confusion, tell me what did and didn’t work and get some new idea.


Perfect timing!  Any time is a good time, and, getting a consult before baby comes, at 6 months, a year and two years are great times to make sure your home environment is meeting your child’s needs and supporting the sweetness of life for everyone.

Gifts!  These consults are absolutely available as gifts – what a great way to support expectant parents!!!