The Parenting Practice
April 5, 19, 26 and May 3
$50 (for all 4 Fridays)
My home studio – in North Durham

This offering is a synthesis of decades of my work with children and parents. 

We’ll devote the first half of class to self care practices. These will be led practices that include yoga, mindfulness and some meditation. They will be designed to help you fill up your cup & tend to your own body/mind/heart/soul. 

Then we’ll gather as a group of parents and caretakers to explore a different perspective or tool. You will leave each session with a clear sense of what you want to bring home to weave into your family life that week.

In April, we’ll be looking at some foundational perspectives and practices I’ve learned in my Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach work.  And, of course all my work with parents is informed by my years of work as a Montessori teacher.  

Email me to register or for Questions! Space is limited!

I’ll send more information about our location if you are interested! I’m located in the Willowhaven neighborhood in North Durham.  

I hope you’ll join “The Parenting Practice” if you would like to: 
* get some much needed self-care
* connect with other parents
* try on some new tools and perspectives 
* figure out what works for you & your unique family
* make space for small and big shifts

This new class was formed from two insights: 

1) We can approach our work as parents like we approach our yoga – as a practice. Like yoga or meditation, refining our parenting skills takes time, inspiration, community support and study.  Also like yoga or meditation, conscious parenting has the power to deeply transform us for the better! 

2) We need support along the way. Our bodies, minds, hearts, and nervous systems need to recover and rest from the demands of parenting. When we can give ourselves the right support we can enjoy our parenting journey more and we can creatively work with challenges that arise.