Are you ready to practice? Like live, in person, together, juntos?  I sure am.  I’ve been dreaming up how I can offer us some safe space to do what we all need to do the most right now.  That is, to take care of our bodies, increase our total health, relieve some of the intense stress we’ve been under and reconnect. 

Here is what I’ve come up with. 

Pop up Equinox class 
September 19th
9-10:30AM Class, community time and refreshments after (optional)
My house!  (outside)  5245 Inverness Dr. Durham. 
$15-$25 self-sliding scale

This event is planned for the Saturday before the equinox and it will get us ready to receive the balancing energy of that special day.  We’ll practice outside on an even surface surrounded by trees and sounds of nature.  The space is totally shaded. The early start *should* mean that it is nice and cool.  I’ll be crafting a full spectrum class that can be a welcome back to your mat and/or an invitation to deepen all aspects of balance in your body and being.  I’ll have some mats and props to loan, but please do bring yours if you have them.  After class, I’ll have some tea and treats for us to munch on while we have a masked and distanced visit and you can see the vast potential of our sweet new space.  The visit after is of course optional! 

COVID SAFETY:  This class is only open to vaccinated people.  We will keep the numbers small so that we can ensure 6 feet distance in every direction from your mat.  Once in your spot you can choose to mask or not.  If you feel you need to be a little further from others I can work with that : ) And, of course, if CDC guidelines change, or the status of the pandemic changes I may ask everyone to stay masked.  We do have a bathroom that will be clean and ready for folks to use one at a time 🙂  It has a separate entrance from the rest of our house.  

I am limiting the numbers to make sure every one can be safe. That means space is limited it and is likely the class will fill up. 

To save your spot for this inaugural yoga class at my house,  email letting me know you can come, and either venmo or send me a check with your total payment for the class. With the self-sliding scale you can choose what makes sense for you financially right now.  The income of this class will go directly to making this space work for us ongoingly! 

Rain?  If we get rained out, I’ll make a rain date and reimburse you if you can’t make it!

After class: From 10:30-11:30 Linger and check out the vast potential of this land and enjoy distant tea and snack Maybe even visit the creek, the portal to peace or our new 0 gravity chair 🙂 

I am very much looking forward to being together soon.