Yoga for Your Event


Yoga can be a fantastic way to create sacred space and help you prepare for a big event.  Yoga can also be a profoundly fun part of a group celebration – a unique way to connect with others as part of your event.

Whether you are looking for a way to ground and become heart centered before your wedding, or a way to celebrate a baby on the way I can create a class that is tailored to your groups level, interest and vibe.  We can make it super fun and playful or create space for deep spiritual opening and grounding.  It’s for YOU! So you get to choose.

Add yoga to your:

* Birthday party

* Anniversary celebration

* Wedding weekend (as a preparation – or part of the fun with the bridal party/groomsmen!)

* Family reunion

* Baby blessing

* Girls night

* Graduation celebrations

I can find space, or come to your chosen location.  Rates will vary depending on location.