Interested in taking a private class with me? I am available for a limited amount of private and/or semi private zoom classes.

It isn’t ideal to not be in person… AND there are benefits to zoom classes!

  1. You can practice with anyone in the world. Your best friend lives in Hawaii – no problem, you can still take a yoga class together!
  2. I can record your class and send it to you – you can take it again and again!

Email me at to schedule a class.

Private classes are ideal for you if:

  • You are new to yoga. Private classes allow you to lay the foundations of your practice down as clearly as possible, so that you may move on to public classes in any style knowing how to keep your body safe. Private classes also allow you to practice in the privacy of your own home.
  • You are working with chronic pain, an injury or illness in the body. Private instruction allows us to integrate specific therapeutic actions and poses into the practice that will help in your healing process.
  • You have limited time. Eliminate travel time! Olynda can come to your home to teach the class.
  • Attending yoga class in a studio is difficult because of distance or schedules. Private classes work around your schedule. You can schedule the class with Olynda any time of day or night that she is available.
  • You wish to take your practice to a deeper level. Private instruction allows student and teacher to delve more deeply into the intricacies of alignment, more difficult poses and the finer points of the philosophy.
  • You are working on a specific goal. For example: developing more hamstring flexibility, being able to balance in headstand, developing more proficiency with back bending, or cultivating calmness. An individually tailored class and home practice program will help you get there.