If we could have a word of the month this month it would be balance. When you sit down and look at it, balance is a part of everything we do on (and hopefully off) the mat. As we strive to cultivate health and happiness balance is a guiding concept.  In physical terms we hope to create balance between our left and our right, our upper and lower bodies, our ability to have stability and flexibility.  In each pose we are working for balanced action between all the parts involved in that pose. In yoga our philosophy is that nothing by itself is better than it’s opposite.  The golden goodness is in balancing the parts.  Flexibility is great, but without steady action to balance it we get injured. A lot. Strength is great, without flexibility we also get injured.  I could spend a lifetime seeking balance just in the physical realm.

And, of course, you know by now that the yoga we do together is far more than just the physical work.  What else needs to be brought into balance?  Here is a hint: what is out of balance will not feel good.  Feeling stuck? How can you balance the steadiness of your routine with some freedom and play?  Feeling over taxed? How can you balance what takes energy with what gives you energy?  Feeling disconnected?  How can you balance your healthy solitude with fostering connection with others?
As we move through this month, I encourage you to look at everything that “doesn’t feel good” through this lens of balance.

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