This December: A Sacred Pause

Happy Autumn everyone!

One of the things I talk about often in my teaching is the incredible importance of the sacred pause.  In order to have action we have to have in-action.  In order to raise our awareness and shift our consciousness we have to have moments of incredible, mindful, stillness. There is an ebb and a flow to all things.  A balance of doing and being.  This is spanda, this is balance between divine masculine and feminine.

And so it is that I’m realizing that I need to take a little moment of stillness to listen deeply, nourish my family and my own body/heart/mind/self, and allow the next steps of action to emerge from the stillness. This is the first time I’ve done such a little retreat in 15 years of teaching!!!  December is the darkest time of the year and is just a perfect time for such a deep going with in.  So, for the Month of December my public classes will have a little “sacred pause”.  That means logistically that I will not be teaching any of my public classes in December.  My Wednesday classes will start their sacred pause on the Wednesday before thanksgiving and continue through January.  

Join with me if you like and take one thing off your plate so that you can make more time for meditation, walking in the woods, journaling and listening deeply to hear what is next for you!

I may continue blogging during this time. I may be deciding to offer a special class or two during that time… like on the Solstice for example… If I do I will for sure announce this through newsletters – which you can sign up for here. I’ll also be posting on my new updated facebook page… here.

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